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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 364: Operational Report: 05/12/42

The day starts with the obligatory bombardment of Tarawa. Some constants never get old.

I've sent a number of transports to Milne bay, just as those cowardly carriers stick their heads out again.

There is a much less successful attack on the ships at Terapo.

Our counter invasion of Dutch Island begins today, there is no bombardment of the shore, and the losses as our boys land are heavy.

The Japanese attacks at Kiangtu are getting worse by the day.

Knowing that there are likely 80,000 Japanese troops on their doorsteps, the men at Tsingtao evict their current Japanese problem.

A quiet day, I doubt that we will hold Tsingtao for long, but I'm going to try and throw up some defences anyway.
Another aide from intelligence walks into an office and hands me another note.

I start to bang my head on the desk. Its was only yesterday that I was told she was still in service. They then hand me another note.

I think this one is more interesting, and probably should have been given to me first, but apparently the rule is not to shoot the messenger.
You live and learn.

I'm sending out every warship once again, this is the main force, told to be very aggressive. The escort carriers are also heading out, to give us some air support. This should at least be an interesting day.