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Part 368: Operational Report: 09/12/42

A exceptionally large raid hits Tarawa, but there is little extra damage that can be done to the ruined island.

Shortlands is hit by carrier based aircraft operating out of Rabaul.

You have to admire the balls on these Japanese submarine captains, as they continue to engage my now working sub hunters.

The hit we get has a very detailed damage report, with the sub apparently taking on water.

We assault Akyab again, and for the first time we cause more Japanese casualties than we attack.

Although we do lose a hell of a lot of vehicles.

Another push is made at Wuhu, but its going to take a long time before we can break the enemy forces here.

We reduce the enemies fortifications at Kiangtu, and come out ahead in casualties.

The men in Akyab need time to rest and recover, so I'm going to have to rest them up for a few days, after that, its back to the brutal job of hammering the Japanese defences.
We gained two ship kills today, so I check the lists.

Seriously? The Kongo again. It looks like she's nearly back to mainland Japan though.
Checking the Ops report, I see that this is 2 AP class ships from January and March.

I have the Japanese running scared! They are moving more troops to reinforce Tokyo!