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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 381: Operational Report: 22/12/42

The Enemy battleship and her escorts close on Pearl Harbor, and less than 40 miles from our main port, run into a number of our anti submarine ships.

To give them their due, our ships make their attacks, and manage to get several hits in before being driven away. They then flee again when the force enters the Pearl Harbor area and makes a depth charge attack on the Cuttlefish, who is trying to leave harbor to meet the threat.

They then run into one of our troop convoys, who are forced to flee to protect the transports. The enemy was never expected to actually enter Pearl Harbor with a burning battleship!

The enemy flees to the north after this raid, but the bombers based at Pearl take to the air, they strike the Ageno, and then return to base with accurate locations for the enemy ships.

This allows the planes from the carriers come in, and hit the Nagato hard.

The Avengers go in, and the Japanese battleship goes down.

After all this, Tarawa is bombed again.

The 41st Infantry division, fresh from freeing Dutch Harbor, are now moving along the Aleutian Islands and land troops at Kiska Island.

A Japanese submarine makes another kill off the Australian coast.

We get our revenge when the enemy bombers are seen above Darwin.

The Shanghai express loses another plane today, and again fails to hit its target.

A second wave of bombers meets the same fate.

The enemy make another attack on Kiangtu.

We counter attack, but are unable to make many gains on the enemy.

Akyab is ours!

The Japanese forces retreat in disarray, nearly half of their forces are destroyed as they flee, and two of our units pursue the fleeing Imperial forces.

Now that was a good day, we finally take Akyab, and nail a battleship. The disruption to the loading of troops at Pearl is an annoyance, but nothing that is going to be a long term problem. The carriers are going to try and hunt down that cruiser and the destroyers, but that’s only going to be a day or two.
Today has cost the Japanese 250 points worth of troops and 200 ship points, and made up for a very poor month so far.