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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 417: Operational Report: 27/01/43

Oh, thank god!

At least we're not the only ones with dud torpedoes.
The enemy attack Akyab once more, this time going for the unused airfield rather than the unused port.

Inland, we reclaim Shwebo, causing the Japanese forces there to flee south. Hopefully we can clean up these five bases without must cost.

Our ships at Mili are attacked once more.

There are only a few raids, and we take no hits.

We continue to attack Mili, while the Japanese seem to be resupplying Maloelap.

Our Beufords make another attack, this one lands a torpedo attack onto one of the Transports.

The Akagi makes an attack on Guadalcanal, they cause some minor damage, but we bag ourselves several key planes.

There is another raid on Darwin, and we actually lose a plane!

The Japanese lose nine though, so all is good.

To the south of Chuhsien, the Japanese launch another futile attack on our forces, and suffer for it.

China takes a bit of a break, but we're starting an advance in Burma. This was a fairly good day, as we lost no ships! The end of month briefing for this month is going to have some spikes on it!