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Part 423: Operational Report: 02/02/43

The mine-layers I moved down from northern India go into action today, they have rubbish range, but their paying for themselves.

The Betty's return to Gasmata, but their aim has not improved.

They are followed by a wave of Sally's, who also miss all their targets.

They return in the afternoon, but we get lucky again.

Our ships at Kwajalein comes under attack again, but the Washington holds them off with her guns.

There is a Japanese carrier in the region, and it goes after the ships taking the long way back to Pearl.

The Stack comes under attack again in the afternoon, but it seems sheer proximity to Eniwetok confers awsomeness.

Although apparently only to the military.

These two allow us to confirm the presence of the Akagi and the Shoho.

We have a poor day at Darwin, losing two planes and a pilot.

The battle to the south of Chuhsien continues today with another Japanese attack.

Our forces in Indochina are sent fleeing once more.

I'm on the move again in the north, with an assault on Kaifeng with 37,000 men. We come out ahead on destroyed units, and take out a good chunk of their fortifications.

Another fair day. I ma worried about those carriers, as ours are in no fit state to take them on, having used up their planes in the previous few days.

Claiming that sub seems a bit premature however.
One of our convoys from the Marshal Islands returns to Pearl.

That's going to take some time to fix. The Huston, California, Phoenix and the California are all good without time in the repair ships however, so that's not to bad. Three weeks should see all these ships back in action.

And here are the files requested.