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Part 424: Operational Report: 03/02/43

The Japanese sail a freighter into Gasmata, hoping to disrupt our landing there. Both sides avoid any actual firing.

There is no morning attack by those Bettys, but there is a Nick wave in the afternoon that gets a hit on one of our ships.

This is followed in by the Sallys, who also score a hit.

The soldiers there are making good progress now, and we should be in control of the base in a few days time.

Another ship takes a hit at Kwajalien.

While one of our subs misses its target near Eniwetok,

The Japanese carriers don't seem to want to go any deeper into the Marshal's, and settle for bombing Eniwetok.

For a second time in two days, the ships around Ceylon find a sub and attack it.

In the north, the Japanese are trying to advance to the north of our forces in Kiafeng, but are held off for now by our defenders there.

At Kiafeng, we send the Japanese defenders running north, and will continue our advance.

South of Chuhsien, the battle goes wrong for us, as our exhausted troops suffer heavy losses.

The same thing is repeated at Kiangtu.

we do better at Wuhu, although progress is still slow.

Some movement in China makes me feel better, I was worried that the whole theatre was going to stagnate. For those wondering about the Shanghai Express, here is their current status.

There are currently only 500 tonnes of supplies in Shanghai, this is up from 70 a couple of weeks ago, and the number of damaged planes has dropped by two thirds, so another couple of weeks and we should see all planes repaired and enough supplies for a major raid.

Come to Eniwetok, Mr Japanese Soldier, the 161st Infantry are waiting for you.

goatface posted:

Not only that, he's a shit captain. We've got some with leadership and inspiration scores around 20 higher than his.

Note to self, wholesale sacking of captains. Do it.