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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 425: Operational Report: 04/02/43

The Japanese are back as Eniwetok, they will learn soon enough.

As soon as our gunners on the island hit one of their ships, the whole task force re-embarks and flees the area.

The carriers try and attack the island as they flee, but we bring down one of their planes for minimal damage.

Their Sally's attack the Washington once more, and are driven off once more.

At Gasmata, we come under attack by the Betty's once more. They score no hits, but watch the Empire Pride go down, with over 1,500 men on board.

458 men are rescued, but this is still a disaster. At least we're making progress on the ground.

The Japanese try for Kiangtu once more.

They also push south of Chuhsien.

In Burma, the Japanese try again with their tanks, but they are cut to pieces.

Losing that ship was painful, but everything else is moving our way once more.

Here is the list of top pilots, as someone was bitching for that.

I have men planning for another assault on Maleolap again, this time, I plan on bombing it as much as possible.