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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 426: Operational Report: 05/02/43

Once again, our ships take the stupid route away from the Marshall Islands, and we lose yet another battleship. I'm sure I changed all their threat ratings, so I don't know how this happened.

They return in the afternoon for the destroyers.

There is another massed raid on our troops at Gasmata, and once again we come through with no damage.

This is followed by many other smaller raids, which also miss their targets.

We take the city though, and send the remaining Japanese into the hills.

The Japanese push on Kiangtu once more. They get the same old results as always.

Well, we take a base and lose a battleship. So not a good day. I'm triple checking the remaining forces, they should not be going the long way home, and I don't know what that ship was doing up there.
As for Gasmata, most of those units are now going to go across land to Rabaul, while I doubt they can take the port, they may be able to take the airfield and disrupt the air attacks, making the next assault easier.