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Part 428: Operational Report: 07/02/43

Another Japanese sub is attacked today, this one is reported to have been heavily damaged.

The fresh troops arrive at Kwajailen, and are immediately attacked.

The wall of flak put up by the three battleships is to much for the Japanese planes to penetrate.

As the troops come ashore, the guns open up once more.

The actual fighting on the island is pretty lackluster however.

The Japanese carriers creep closer to the main Marshall islands as they continue to persecute the destroyers.

We continue to assault the Naval fortress at Mili, but we just cannot break into the impressive defences the Japanese have constructed there.

The Japanese attack our fleet at Gasmata once more, but can only see the damaged done yesterday.

We see some action over Darwin for the first time in a couple of weeks, but its nowhere near the scale of losses we've been seeing previously.

The assault near Akyab goes horribly today, and looking at the modifiers, I may need to revisit the commanders there and do some firing.

I can't do much about the terrain, but I can sure as hell fire any commander who still thinks this is World War I.

The Japanese have moved 5,000 men back into Kaifeng, and after a bloody day of fighting, we send them packing again.

After some bad days, we finally get another good day at Kiangtu.

To the north, the Japanese have, for some unknown reason, left Tsingtao undefended, and that roaming force in the region retakes it today. Some of them will now advance north to see what else is undefended in the region.

More minor advances, I really just lack the troops at the moment for anything more major than this. Men are training to take the last key Marshall Islands, but until then, I cannot risk the ships to remove a lot of the troops deployed in the invasion.

Unfortunately, the new troops won't be ready for at least a month, so this is going to be a bit of a stalemate until then.

Replacing the poorer commanders in Burma costs me about 60 political points to replace 5 generals. I also remember to go through the captains of the capital ships in Pearl. 2 battleship Captains are replaced for 14 points.