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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 431: Operational Report: 10/02/43

We finally see one of our subs, but it seems to have duds on board.

After weeks of silence, the air over India explodes into life as the Japanese send a huge force of bombers into Cox's Bazar.

Our boys rise to the challenge, and we bring them down in large numbers. My strengthening of the back lines seems to have paid off, even if I cannot send any planes further south than this.
This does leave a lot of our planes on the ground when the second wave comes in, and we lose a plane to this.

This is followed by a third wave, as the Japanese throw every plane they have in the area at us.

Deep inland, a small unit moves ahead of the main force, and gets butchered by the large concentration of Japanese forces, while it seems that there are more enemy units at Shwebo. At least I have accurate numbers for Mandalay now.

The Japanese bombers get a hit on the Colorado, but its reported to bounce off the armour.

The last layer of ablative destroyer is picked off today, but it looks like the carriers are moving off.

The fighting at Kwajalein hits a roadblock, and we take some heavy losses to no avail today.

The Japanese bombers, having no ships to attack, decide to go to Finschaffen. Unfortunately for them, they forget to tell their fighter escort where they are going.

A Japanese assault breaks down our defensive line at Nanking, but we still have the numerical advantage here. I will order a counter attack for tomorrow.

We attack Kiangtu, and the Japanese lose a large number of squads today.

It all kicked off in Burma today, but we came out of that fairly well. The rest of the theater is fairly quiet at the moment, although I would like to take Kwajalien.
I do have a new toy today.

She is in Panama, and I'm, sending her to Suva to support that Rabaul attacks when the time comes.