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Part 432: Operational Report: 11/02/43

The Japanese strike at Milne Bay, and the lazy assed CAP there is to asleep to even get a plane into the air!

I have to say you guys are getting to me. During the course of this attack, the phrase “King George V Battleship is under attack” comes up as the Japanese misidentify the American Battleships. My first thought?
Aren't they all at the bottom of the sea?

The Japanese start bombing our troop positions at Eniwetok, something that they should have started doing months ago when it was an isolated outpost after the first Marshal Islands campaign.

There is more fighting over Cox's Bazar today, and it does not go our way. This is despite us getting many more planes into the air.

We do much better against an unescorted raid, but if this is going to be a period of intense bombing, I'm going to increase the CAP in the area to 100% for a few days and see about moving in more planes.

The Auzzies at Mandalay are forced to surrender to the much larger Japanese force.

We have swift revenge however, as our forces in Shwebo make a blitz attack on a much larger and better armed Japanese force and send them running with heavy losses.

Intel was wrong about the numbers of Japanese in the area, but I may well let them off this time.

Kiangtu is not being referred to as a Mini Sinyang by the men. And for good reasons too.

In the north we lose Loyang, which threatens our forces near Kiafeng, but I doubt that they have the forces necessary to cause us any real trouble.

An average day, some nice combat in some areas, and some reversals in others. Not much more than that to say really.