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Part 434: Operational Report: 13/02/43

Another of our subs comes under attack. This one makes an attack first, but misses its destroyer target.

There are more attacks on our ships, but the level bombers are not getting through the flak.

They could do with working on their ship recognition.

While Eniwetok is bombed again, are the Japanese trying to weaken the island before another assault?

The troops on Kwajalein pay another steep price to take the last of the Japanese fortifications.

The Japanese planes appear over Darwin once more. It seems that selective pressures are not removing the urge to fly into a death trap.

To the south of Chuhsien the Japanese launch an ill advised attack.

Although not as ill advised as their attack at Kaifeng.

In fact, it seems to be a bad day for the Japanese to attack.

We then counter attack at Kiangtu.

Catching up with the Canton defence force once more, we send them packing once more.

After a long period of quiet, I reopen the Shortlands campaign. We make some advances, but those fortifications may be trouble long term.

That was a bloody day for the Japanese in China, they can't afford to keep that up. We should have Kwajalein in a few days.
We gained two ships in the ops report, one of them a mini sub. We also get this arriving.

The first Massachsetts class battleship we have seen. I've not gotten one of these sunk yet!