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War in the Pacific

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Part 435: Operational Report: 14/02/43

Milne Bay is hit again today.

The Shortlands campaign continues well, far better than I would expect with those fortifications.

The Japanese are getting better with their ship recognition it seems, at least their not getting better with their aim, and they didn't even bother showing up until the afternoon.

Eniwetok gets another visit from the Japanese.

Finally, Kwajalein is ours!

Another wave of Japanese soldiers are gunned down today at Kiangtu.

As our men advance from Kaifeng, the Japanese move 45,000 men in behind them and retake Chengchow from us.

Kwajalien finally falls, and we only have a few more Japanese soldiers to clean up before the island is completely secure.
I need to reverse the course of the men in Kaifeng, otherwise they could be cut off and destroyed. If they can dig in there, then we should be able to hold the off and then counter attack. This is if they move those 45,000 men into our area.

We get 2 tankers in the Ops reports, and there were apparently two ships under repair at Kwajalein.