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Part 450: Operational Report: 01/03/43

An enemy sub gets close to Pearl, but is detected and driven off.

Those level bombers have several more cracks at our ships at Maloelap, it looks like I'm going to have to invade Ailliolaplap to neutralize the airbase there before we can start staging supplies in the area.

Another unit is wiped out on the island.

The third day of bombing at Cox's Bazar begins with our fighters having a good time.

Then an okay time when fewer of them are able to get up to meet the second wave....

Finally it goes wrong as the third wave comes in.

The fighting continues at Akyab, and looks to be set to continue for much longer.

The Shanghai Express fails to hit any targets once more, I may well switch their targets from the shipyards tomorrow.

The Betty's from what I'm assuming is Truk attack our men marching out from Gasmata. But we have planes in the area to protect them.

The Imperial forces make another attack at Kiangtu.

They also make another attack on Nanking, where we massively outnumber them, but are in no state for an attack.

A second attack goes in at Sinyang as I forget to order it to stop. Does “woops” cover the death and dismemberment of 4,500 people?

So we continue to plod along. I'm having to organize and assault on Ailliolaplap. Which is needed to neutralize the bombers there, but is not worthwhile in points.

The Carriers are back in Pearl, but most of their squadrons need withdrawing, and I don't have enough political points to change a few of the carrier trained units over. I can't move the ships around quickly enough to ports that will allow them to be withdrawn. Although I clear the destroyer Fortune today.

Another month is in the can, and its time to see how we did.

Score wise, the Japanese pull away by 500 points, which is nothing like last month, but still in the wrong direction.

The front has been static for the last month, as China is stalemated and I've launched no knew offensives.

As you would expect, the value of this land has changed little, with the Japanese holdings increasing in value the longer they have them, which makes sense.

The ground losses continue to mount, and we lost near twice the men the Japanese have this month, as we tried to clean up the Marshall's.

Ship losses actually went in our favour this month, as we lost 18 ships, mainly to naval fortress fire, and the Japanese lost 26, mainly from previous sinkings being confirmed.

Although our losses are more valuable, as we lose 384 points compared to the Japanese 269.

In the air, we continue to make a dent in their infinite number of planes.

We bagged 587 planes this month and lost only 166, so we'd be doing really well, if we didn't have to contend with an unending stream.

So, not a great month, but not a terrible one either. Here are the files for those who want them.