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by Grey Hunter

Part 462: Operational Report: 13/03/43

The Japanese get brave, and send their Betty's out to Howrah during the day.

They also try for Cox's Bazar, but their unescorted raid cannot break through.

Another day, another hit on the shipyard at Hiroshima.

The Japanese launch another carelessly planned attack on Kiangtu, and we make them pay for it. Our counter attack finishes off a few more of their squads.

We repeat this story at Kweiteh. The men there have orders to dig in and prepare a defence, but we cannot know how long the Japanese attacks will keep coming apart like this.

A nice quiet day today, the men in Akyab are resting up before resuming their assaults tomorrow, and the troops to take Angilaplap have just left Pearl, and the carriers are leaving today. We are also planning yet another assault on Maleolap.

I'm only sending the Yorktown and the Enterprise out, as the Wasp is still having her engines repaired.

See what I mean about quiet? There's not even any Intel today.