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Part 467: Operational Report: 18/03/43

The Swordfish makes an attack on a Japanese convoy, but is frustrated by dud torpedoes.

The Gasmata attacks continue today, the damage to the port is mounting, but its nothing to serious.

The Japanese raid our men marching south into Burma, but we are able to hold off their planes.

Fighting in Akyab continues to move on, not many casualties today, but we're still reducing their squads.

The levelling of Dili continues apace, we seem to be able to get more and more bombers on target.

I'm amazed that the Japanese continue to attack at Kiangtu. Somehow they continue to be able to convince their men to make wave attacks on our well entrenched forces. Today it costs them heavily.

There is also fresh fighting at Nanking, the enemy are burning though supplies, and hopefully we will see that taking effect soon.

We lose Kweiteh today, this is no surprise, given the number of enemy soldiers now there and their combined AV, what is surprising is how much we have made them pay for the city. Its now time to throw up another defensive line somewhere.

We also make an attack near Chuhsien, and make good progress for once.

there are numerous other minor attack across the country, which all go our way, but are to small to be worth the effort noting, the Japanese lose about three thousand other men across the country in about ten more attacks.

China really got bloody today, but not as bloody as I would like for the Japanese. Our carriers are now in the Marshall's, so attacks should begin tomorrow to make the invasion of Angalaplap run smoother.

Sorry for the late post, I had to go into London today, and tomorrows post will also be late, as the same thing is happening.

If you hear about someone going crazy and murdering a bunch of people on the tube tomorrow, that will be me, I'm claustrophobic.