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Part 470: Operational Report: 21/03/43

The Japanese launch another deep night raid on Howra. This is an unused airfield, and its just a waste of supplies for them.

They also hit Cox's Bazar once more.

The shock attack at Akyab today is much closer to what I was hoping for.

A Japanese submarine slips through our submarine nets and bags a ship. Of course, it has to be a bloody tanker, doesn't it.

This will be the last day of Dili raids I think, I'll switch over to the base next to it.

The troops at Nanking make another attack on our forces, we hold them off again of course.

We hit them again at Kiangtu, and continue to try and grind them down.

A dull day, I'm looking into why the carriers didn't make any attacks today, as the troop carriers should be landing soon. So things should get interesting again soon, hopefully tomorrow.