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War in the Pacific

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Part 471: Operational Report: 22/03/43

The Japanese make more attacks on Gasmata today, topping up the damage done to the runways there.

Dili is bombarded once more. I forgot to move their targets, but its not a big deal, these are just to burn Japanese supplies.

Ailiolaplap is bombed once more, with our fighters doing a bang up job of protecting the bombers. Once more we wreak a large number of Japanese planes on the ground, and you can see the invasion task force is almost there.

We also make strikes at Maloelap, but with no fighter support, there is little chance of making it to the airfields, and we do no damage and lose a few dive bombers.

The Japanese somehow convince their troops to launch another attack on out positions at Kaingtu. This is of course followed by our own daily attack.

In the north, the force that retreated out of Tsingtao runs into a small Japanese force, I ordered them to attack, and get some great results.

Here is the daily Akyab report, the fighting has ebbed downwards today, but I'm sure its only a temporary thing.

It looks like the invasion of Ailinlaplap is going to be tomorrow, its amazing how slow these ships can be in comparison to the warships we're used to seeing.