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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 472: Operational Report: 23/03/43

The invasion of Ailinglaplap begins today, the battleships take a massive toll on the enemy forces as we pound the small island back into the stone age.

We still take heavy losses coming ashore though.

The carriers are in the area, bombing the airfield and making sure that the killer Betties never get off the ground.

The new landing craft we have allow use to storm ashore in large numbers, and we overwhelm the defenders and wipe half of them out and leaving the others with nowhere to hide.

The Japanese make a sweep over Cox's Bazar, and the Japanese have a very good day, as our fighters rain to earth.

They then send in the bombers. We get one fighter up, but he manages to bring down one.

The fighting at Akyab is going well now, the Japanese squads are begin destroyed at a ferocious rate now.

The Shanghai Express if having real difficulty hitting the Japanese light industry, so I'll give them the heavy industry as a target for tomorrow.

We strike Lautern, and find that this s the main base of enemy fighters. Three squadrons of Zero's come up to meet us, but we are still able to get some damage done to the runway. But this proves that this is the target we should be aiming for – I'd just like some fighter support.

There is more fighting in the area around Chuhsien, as the seemingly inexcusable supplies of Japanese troops make clearing the south hard.

The Kiangtu battle continues, I just want to grind them down below 15,000 men, then I think that I can make a difference, but at this time, that seems to be impossible. I keep trying to move men to cut their supply line, but the constant attacks stop the movement.

We do retaking Nanning today though, which makes me feel better. These troops will now move towards Indochina to try ans support the advance there.

We took two bases in one day, which is something we've not done in a long time. The new landing craft prove themselves at Ailingalaplap, and they are coming in at a rate of almost one a day at the moment.

Look at those losses, 158 planes lost on the field, we took out a major airbase there, and we've gained 200 points today, so I'm very happy with the day. Lets try and get several more of them.