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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 475: Operational Report: 26/03/43

There is another night-time raid launched at Howrah, but the Japanese bombers are unable to hit anything.

They follow this by another daytime attack on Cox's Bazar, and again we nominally come out on top.

At Akyab, there are two Imperial Army Divisions remaining, but they number less than six thousand men, and we take half of them out today, and send the rest packing.

The Shanghai Express makes another attack on the Japanese heavy industry. They get some more hits, but one more, the damage is minor, but the plan was never for major damage.

The Raids on Gasmata continue, and continue to make very little headway.

Another great day in Burma, our men should be clear to move forwards and on to Pome. The Japanese forces to the south will be driven before us like cattle, and we shall be in Rabaul before the end of the war!
What – I'm realistic.