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Part 486: Operational Report: 06/04/43

It may not be a carrier, but the puffer does a good job of raking a small cargo ship with its deck gun.

Crippled, the ship has to then sit there as the Puffer lines up her torpedo shots.

We attack again at Shortlands, and are making some progress, I'm not sure how many combat troops are left there, but we're chopping up the non combat troopers now. Its only their massive defences that allow them to hold out.

I really should stop the Dili attacks, their not going to do anything useful.

We also get the first raid on Darwin since I gutted the squadrons for training pilots. It seems that this has not dampened their efficiency, so I may go looking for some more in a few days.

This one worried me, there is at least one carrier in the area of Ceylon, and I run a good number of supplies through there.

Kiangtu had a day off yesterday, but everything is back to normal today. The next goal is to reduce them past 14,000 men, which may be easier now.

West of Nanking. We catch up with the troops that retreated out of Wuhu, and butcher them.

In the north, I decide to risk an attack, and it pays off well for us, it seems that our troops will have the better of this contest.

I'm liking how things are going, another 25 LST's have left the west coast for Pearl, and should massively increase our troop landing abilities.
The troops loading to invade Maleolap should be ready to set off tomorrow, so the last of the (important) Marshall Islands should soon be in our grasp.

In other good news, the Japanese lead dropped to less than 11,000 today.

So, I have decide that there has not been enough disaster recently, and the charnel house that is Sinyang will reopen tomorrow.
That is all.