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War in the Pacific

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Part 517: Operational Report: 07/05/43

There is another raid on Shanghai overnight, we come out one for one in the planes, but take some more runway damage.

The Shanghai Express makes its first proper attack on the Japanese superstack, an cause some damage. I'm not expecting much visible damage, this is more an harassing attack.

Here comes the normal Kiangtu reports.

Wait, we took it, we finally took Kiangtu? Quick, its time to chase them down!

We take Chengchow as well, which gives the superstack two directions to move.

The Japanese are coming to Pearl harbour once more, one of our Lightning squadrons goes out to try and take out some of their fighters, and do well for green pilots. This is the first time we've seen Lightings in combat I think.

We we see some Corsairs as well as they attack Pearl Harbour proper.

Their target is the escort carriers, but only get a hit on the Nassau. we take four planes down with flack, and a many other planes are killed by the fighters.

Some of our avengers go out, but they only get the quickest of looks at the Kaga

The next wave at least has some fighters defence.

They get a better look at the target, but cannot land any hits.

Some of our dive bombers go in next, and there are no fighters left in the air. But the flak from the Kaga is hideously effective.

The afternoon sees the Lightnings do their best to remove the enemy CAP once more.

The Blackfish makes its attempt to take the Kaga out as well.


The Japanese campaign to render Gasmata to us is continuing.

We begin to bomb Rabaul, the Mitchell's targeting the airfield.

There is some more fighting over Cox's Bazar.

I think this is time for a happy dance. We have finally, after months of fighting, taking Kiangtu! We've also survived another attack on Pearl Harbour, and may well have a chance to strike for another fleet carrier. The battleships will now sally out and try and get them, with the escort carriers in support.
I'm expecting them to run for the hills – we were very unlucky to get a hit today, and another day of combat would make things very interesting.

Woo! Kiangtu! - do you know how hard its been not saying anything when you know you've sorted a problem. Spoilers suck.