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Part 536: Operational Report: 26/05/43

Although I missed the screen shot, let me tell you that the Wasp appeared on my screen for a few seconds with the words “Torpedo Missed” below it.

Thankfully, the destroyer captains woke up after this and set upon the Japanese sub. I really thought that we were going to have a repeat of the Saratoga there for a minute.
The bombing support for the troops near Rabaul continues to be rather effective.

We also continue to treat Rabaul to a bombing run as well.

It may be the end of the target rich environment in the area, as the pickings for the carrier based aircraft are slim.

Although our torpedoes are far better than they used to be, we're still launching the occasional dud at the enemy.

So many planes, so little hits.

The rain really seems to mess with the bombers ability to hit anything in Nagasaki.

The Tuna makes an unsuccessful attack on another lucky Japanese ship.

The Liberators at Alingalaplap finally go out – there are more planes now arriving at Rio-Namur at last, so we may see the battering of Maleolap speeding up for now, its a bit disapointing.

There is another raid over Cox's Bazar.

Another raid gets through and causes some damage to the airfield and takes out some of our planes.

The attacks at Sinyang begin again. Our losses are high again, but lets see how long it goes for a little while.

We also make an attack at Nanking, and it seems that they are finally being starved out here as well.

We get a notification that the RCG Capital Brigade has been wiped out by attrition. This may mean we can finally get rid of these pesky Japanese and secure the area.

There is no long list of sunk Japanese ships to report today. And nothing else of worth to mention here either.

An air force battalion is planning to attack Eniwetok, which is not going to go well for them.