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Part 598: Operational Report: 27/07/43

Would you miss occasionally!

I mean this is just getting ridiculous.

That's it, whoever is in charge of sub protection in the area is fired. No! Strike that, you've just won yourself a transfer to Eniwetok.

The shock attack hits Rangoon, and atlhough the enemy hold on to their defensive lines, they cannot continue to do so with these losses.

I wish my sub commanders could shoot as well as the Japanese.

Fighters in China, this is worth a report in itself.

We hit that coastal formation once more, but it has long ceased to be a battle.

Our invasion force arrives at Umboi Island, and begins the assault.

Right, Someone explain to me why I now have a wreak where I used to have a cruiser?
I've re-jigged the ASW patrols for the umpteenth time.