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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 628: Operational Report: 26/08/43

We see the Japanese continue to maintain their superiority by bombing all of our Burma airfields.

Another slice of the Rangoon defence is cut away today.

I wonder if the Japanese here are softened up enough yet?

We proceed the invasion of Truk with another bombing raid. I have to assume that as at Rabaul, these attacks are having more effect that we are seeing here.

God dam the Japanese – they just made me bomb England!

We have more luck with the Avengers, who confirm their three kills.

come the afternoon, they finish the job the Dive bombers started in the morning.

The Dauntless's hit Truk, and catch the I-170 in port there.

Marcus Island gets another day of bombing.

From both carrier groups this time – and remember that we're also disrupting them in front of the invasion force.

We lose Iching to the northern Superstack, which is cutting inland and avoiding Sinyang.

That holy day has arrived though – the Japanese take more looses than we do at Sinyang- and we're attacking this time!

You want the definition of a good day? This is a good day- Sinyang has turned, and the carriers are wrecking merry hell out there.

In fact, any day I kill a sub is a good day, the cargo ships are just icing on the cake.