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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 629: Operational Report: 27/08/43

Our carrier task group runs into some freighters near Truk.

While I understand the need to protect the carriers, I wish the engine allowed for the dispatch of a few destroyers in situations like this.
Our invasion force arrives at Truk, and the Naval fortress there does what naval fortress's do.

We also take heavy losses coming ashore again.

At Hollandia we hit them once more, and continue to mess up their airfield.

The Express visits Japan, and fails to hit any targets.

The Marcus Island invasion force creeps ever closer, and we continue to soften up the target.

Both groups send in more planes.

The Rangoon attacks go well, as normal.

The collapse at Sinyang begins, two units down, five to go.

Well, Truk went about as expected. We have 20,000 men ashore already, but look at the cost – one ship and this.

I'm sure it will all buff out.