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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 630: Operational Report: 28/08/43

The volume of fire from Truk is one tenth of what it was yesterday, maybe we've depleted their stores of ammunition?

Another submarine tries for our carriers, but is driven off.

Another tried for our Truk invasion force – but its hard to hide in shallow water.

We continue to take losses coming ashore, mainly disabled squads though. We support the attack with our bombers.

Our carriers find a lone ship, and take it out with an unholy amount of fire.

This bloody thing pops up eight god dammed times before we hit it.

We then see the HA-46 slip beneath the waves – to quick for me to get a screenshot.

The invasion goes in, and while I don't normally show the unit strengths, I have a 50/50 chance the naval fort just got taken out.

Yeah, I'm not counting on it either.

Our men land at Marcus, taking some losses.

Then the Betties come in – and where the hell are my carriers.

The few defenders cannot hold their defences from us.

Okay, every day I see ships in Hong Kong during the turn phase, which are gone at the strategic phase. One of the Dutch subs removes one of them today – its only taken a year.

Sinyang seems to be decided now, its all over bar the massed casualties on both sides.

Some times, you just have to run like hell.

A slow day at Rangoon, but we should have them below 7,000 men now.

Well, the worst of the assaults are over for now, and the enemy losses are mounting – although so are ours.

Right, moving on.