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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 700: Operational Report: 06/11/43

Manus is bombed again – with actual reported damage this time.

Wow, the Express delivers after all this time.

The Betties deep strike into India once more.

Even more Japanese soldiers die at Hichow, how long can they take 4.5-1 losses?

Not long, if our return bombardment is anything to go by,

In the north, the Sinyang force arrives in Kaifeng, and we take some horrendous losses. We have worn down some of the defenses at least.

Owch, that was a bloody day in China, but hopefully I can turn Kaifeng around – we still have a massive advantage in AV.

Okay, so we have 157,000 men in Haichow, and the Japanese are moving in another 12 units? This could change the war, if I can cut them off.