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Part 719: Operational Report: 25/11/43

Woo, its been a long time since we last hit a troop ship.

The next raid on Nagasaki is better than yesterdays, this is really going to mess up the Japanese now, and my losses are much lower than I expected.

The Japanese make a level bomber attack on Akyab and the ships there, but our fighters are on the ball.

The next raid is also seen off.

They do get a hit in on the next wave.

Deep inland, the Japanese try and shift some of my troops, but it doesn't work.

I transferred some bombers from Pearl to Alingalaplap on a whim, and they begin to bomb Ponape today.

The carriers are in the area as well, and add their hurt into the island.

Guam is hit, and while we don't do much runway damage, we do take out a lot of planes.

The Tanks at Vanimo are forced to withdraw, but they have softened up the Japanese somewhat.

We take Manus however, although I have to assume we will be clearing Japanese soldiers out for the foreseeable future.

I'm liking the new Express, and I have to wonder why I didn't drop their bombing hight before. I'm going to try the same thing at Guam. That's another 70 points from the bombers. The Japanese also lost 50 planes today, which is going to hurt.