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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 781: Operational Report: 26/01/44

Another day, and another ship sunk by one of out subs – the death of a thousand cuts continues for Japan.

Shanghai is bombed again, that hit on one of their cities having annoyed the Japanese.

The Abmon campaign continues. There will be no more attempts to turn a battleship into a carrier!

The Guam campaign is not so successful however.

One of our subs finally gets close to the Japanese carriers – the Scamp can't get one of the big boys, but I'm happy with this hit.

Somehow the Japanese force my men in Rangoon to flee. This does not worry me to much, as they cannot go anywhere yet, and I'm still waiting one the men in the north to rest up.

The lead Division arrives in Shwebo and tries a shock attack (not my order, it was done automatically).

A good hit on a cruiser compared to the retreat at Rangoon, bit of a mixed day. But nothing that's going to hurt me long term.