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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 786: Operational Report: 31/01/44

The Japanese fleet seems to have lost all its carriers.

Marcus Island is bombed once more.

The air war starts again, four of our dive bombers go out to hunt the Kaga.

One of these hits reports a fuel storage explosion!

What would a day be without a random sub kill?

I try to open the Burma road once more.

Deeper inland, I take Shwebo, sending the remaining Japanese fleeing into the jungle.

I take another base, which frees up a couple of good Indian Divisions – I'll need troops to hold the area, but at least I can march more men south.
We gain 300 points today, taking us below 5,000 points behind the Japanese. I'm not sure where this could have come from, barring an unreported carrier kill.