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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 87: Operational Report: 03/03/42

The enemy sail their carrier right into sight of Wake. We get a positive identification on the Akagi, who seems to be escorted by a single destroyer.

What I'd do for some cruisers in the area.

On the other hand, I think I need to be shooting some of my destroyer captains.

If three destroyers and two cruisers can't protect a single ship from attack, then we're doing something wrong.

The I-172 is still prowling off Sydney.

After taking Palembang yesterday, the Japanese air force stage a mass raid on Prabomeilih.

There is little damage for the number of planes in the air, but this is a sign of the times to come.

The carrier group strikes at Soerabaja, and we lose another two subs, with another damaged, as well as a large number of valuable tanker getting hit, why these ships are still in harbour after being ordered to rebase I do not know, but I'll triple check for any more today.

These are not crippling loses, but ones from sheer stupidity, which makes me angry.
I'm still at this point fuming that the Lexington was hit.

At Batavia, the Imperial Army attack the city, and take heavy losses doing so.

The brutal battle for Sinyang continues, the enemy attack with less than their full force today, and we hold the line for now.

Well, today I'm just pissed off, that hit to the Lexington came out of nowhere. There should have been enough destroyers to protect her, so now I'm going to have to wait for two carriers to repair themselves before I can think of large scale operations again.

And I didn't get the Akagi.

At least she's not taken to much damage. All her pumps are working, so she should make it back to Pearl Harbour with little trouble.
As long as her destroyer escort don't fall asleep again. A quick count shows she has five destroyers and four cruisers escorting her, that should have been plenty to stop a submarine getting through. The Japanese captain must have been very good or very lucky. - Or both.

The Saratoga is in a much worse state, but has not taken on any more water since the attack. Her cruise speed of 3 knots is going to make getting back to Pearl a long trip.

The Yorktown and Enterprise are continuing to Wake to see if I get make myself feel better by taking down that carrier.

I try and calm down by rearranging supply lines for twenty minutes.