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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 88: Operational Report: 04/03/42

The Dutch KXIII makes an attack on a ship unloading north of Batavia.

The ship is left with reports of massive explosions.
One of our mineslayers is sunk nearby, as the carrier forces move north to support their invasion.

To the south of Batavia, the enemy continue to advance from their beachhead to secure our last base in northern Java outside of the port itself. But the defenders there hold the enemy for today at least.

There is another raid on Koepang, which leaves two more planes destroyed on the runway, I'll take a look to see why there us no CAP in the area.

Another raid on Banjowangi is protected by four P-400's, who manage to shoot down two of the attacking lily bombers.

In Sumatra, the enemy are also advancing once more, the defenders there surrender without a fight when attacked by a force four times their size.

The enemy in the Philippines have not crushed all of our forces yet. They are bombing the central islands, and have men in several locations.

The reason I've not reported any of these battles is that I'm getting the same thing day after day – ineffectual bombardments.

So tomorrow I'm going to try a few assaults, I have more troops in the area, and the enemy have not reinforced in a while. So It should be worth it.

The Mississippi takes another torpedo today, I'm going to have to pull her back to wake to repair as much as this damage as possible before trying to get her back to Pearl Harbour.

We must be wearing the attackers at Sinyang down, as today they attack with less than half their force.

As long as we are bleeding the enemy like this, then I'm happy with the situation. To the south east, the other battle is still going well.

While its been quiet in Burma for the last few days, this is because it takes time to move in the area. Today we lose Prome as the Japanese army rush tow regiments of tanks into the base.

This means then defenders of Rangoon, who are marching north at an agonizingly slow pace, will have to fight their way free.

A quiet day, only one ship, and empty minelayer, sunk, and a few plane losses.

And nothing by troop locations in the intelligence reports.

The Mississippi is in a sorry state, but if she can make Wake, then we can pump out that water and then send her back for some long repairs.

I've ordered a shock attack at Eniwetok tomorrow, the men having had two days rest, giving them time to reorganize themselves.

These numbers were in the 80-90's two days ago, and with the enemy only having a few thousand men on the island, not all of them front line troops, we should be able to cause some damage tomorrow.