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Part 911: Operational Report: 04/06/44

So, I think this may be the first time I've used the bombardment order, lets see how it works.

Jesus H Christ.
That's so much more effective than I thought it would be! Sixteen planes destroyed, over two hundred others damaged, and the runway laid to waste. I have learned something today.
The Japanese must have plane near stacked on each other there, and this bombardment has crippled their fighter support.

Dawn comes, and the planes take to the air.

There are far fewer Japanese planes, and they are delt with for the most part in the early morning skirmishes. As their bombers take to the air, the lack of fighter support becomes apparent.

Soon they are coming in without cover at all, and once more the sea is filled with the remains of downed Japanese planes.

They have some twin engined bombers, who at least make it to see three of our ships.

We bomb Pagan, but get only a few reported hits.

The same happens to Tinian.

The Japanese have several ships at Siapan, and lo lose a number of bombers to get a hit on one of them.

The next wave has fighter support, and does some more damage to the runway.

Our forces near Kendari come under attack once more, but come off lightly from the first wave of Betties.

here is still fighting in other theatres, as Rangoon is still coming under attack day and night.

The bombers continue their deadly trade, and wait for the new airfield to become operational.

The Japanese forces at KAIfeng continue to crack under the relentless pressure. Total collapse can not be to far away.

On top of the 140 Japanese planes that have been destroyed today, we also have completed the airfield at Uruppa-jima! Today has been a good day.

On the other hand, we did lose another four ships and sixty of our own planes, so its not been a losses day.
The bombardment fleet will go back in. all these task forces will now resupply from Rabaul, where I have been stockpiling fuel and supplies for months now, and they should be back in the fight fairly quickly. I'm moving one task force of carriers back now to try and keep a constant presence in the area.