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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 915: Operational Report: 08/06/44

The Drum reports seeing a Japanese cruiser patrolling where I can get no ships. The Japanese don't want to lose another ship it seems.

The Japanese finally react to me having a base on Urrupu-jima with a rather ineffectual night bombing raid.

Having reduced the two Hokkaido cities industry to ruins, I decide to hit the resource producing areas.

We see some large raids on Prome.

The day here starts with a fighter clash.

I get a little worried when a load of Jills come at me, but with no fighter support, we drive them off with nearly 50% losses.

We then take heavy losses trying to get a destroyer.

Tinian has fighters still, and I take heavy losses trying to supress them.

The landings begin, and are less brutal than I expected.

We continue the grind at KIAfeng, I shall rest the men for a while now.

Men are finally ashore at Guam, and it looks like I may have brought enough of them to secure the island! I have 20,000 men ashore on day 1, and the Japanese have 28,000 total! The Japanese plane losses are still high.