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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 949: Operational Report: 12/07/44

The Hoe takes out an escort.

I wish to report this in shock, Planes over Rangoon that are ours!

The Japanese response to this change is situation is rapid.

Our forces reach Tavoy. The Japanese make an attack on them, but we send them packing with heavy losses.

Our men then counter attack, which is costly.

We drop more bombs over Guam.

There are very few planes seen in the air today, the Japanese laying low.

We need to rest our men at Guam, but at least we have broken down their defences.

Here is the expected bloody attack at Kiukiang, but we shall go back to bombardment now, and see how this has affected their AV.

Heavy but expected losses in China, but everything else is looking good at the moment.