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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 959: Operational Report: 22/07/44


We hit the Lily factories once more.

The Avengers do their work once more, but take losses.

We begin unloading at Ternate, but with no big ships, there is little bombardment.

We continue to support with airplanes. I feel like that I may be getting the hang of these things.

We also support with bombers.

The carriers in the Marianas deal with a small supply convoy.

You know the drill in the air.

We also begin landing men on Tinian, but the losses are terrible!

The Japanese counter attack at Kiukiang, and even up the score here.

Even with heavy losses, we have enough men at Tinian to try an attack tomorrow. We wiped out another unit in Burma, but I failed to take any screenshots. It was the one up near Akyab. Tomorrow will bring a lot more new attacks!