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Part 961: Operational Report: 24/07/44

Run! Its a Japanese freighter!

One of the Japanese planes gets through the CAP today, and slams into a battleship.

The vehicle losses are from a ship hit by the enemy fire on the unloading ships. We shoot down the next wave sent against us.

We see a proper furball over Tinian, the Japanese also have a lot of ships in Saipan, but that may be the huge number of landing boats they have in the area.

Then things go wrong, the Japanese get a carrier into range, and the CAP is nowhere to be seen.

They then hit the carriers, the cap tries all it can.

but it cannot stop our carriers taking hits.

Once again, my bombers go in unescorted. I have no idea why they are ignoring my settings, I shall redo them once more.

Ternate falls to our troops.

Guam continues to go well.

We also break through some of the Tinian fortifications.

We get another submarine kill today.

The bombers go after an engine factory today, and get a nice number of hits.

The larger airfield allows us to get a huge number of twin engine bombers into the air, and Asahikawa burns.

Look at the number of planes in the air today.

A bit more of Vietnam falls into my hands.

I can't have a 100% good day, can I, things are going great, then two carriers get torped! Time to send them and all other ships in the area home.

The damage could be worse, but they are going to be out for weeks now.

Decoy Badger posted:

Kudos on compiling that wiki article, it's staggering to see the final casualty counts and the length of time that battle actually took.

Grey, please upload the files somewhere, even in a big zip file, I'm sure people would pitch in to get it uploaded to LPix and redirect the links. If you've kept them in order/made them uniquely identifiable somehow a script should be able to fix everything up quickly.

I can do this in lumps, as the whole file is currently 1.5gigs. If people want to fix the images, I can go back and copy/paste replace the days.