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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 992: Operational Report: 24/08/44

I reactivate the night bombers, and they get a few good hits on Nagoya.

Soon we whip up a near firestorm.

Troops begin unloading at Pagan, and things go well.

The men at Manado get one plane in support. Grrr.

What the hell, the Japanese carriers are now north of Pearl!

I need to try and make some response to this!

The Japanese try a raid on Rangoon, but those ships did not die in vain, and we now have massed planes to meet and butcher them!

We have landed troops on Pagan, and the first attack begins tomorrow, the firestorm gains us a poor 200 points, but maybe this will grow in the coming days. Why?

Tinian gets its bomber command, a second one is coming in for Guam, I spend hundreds of Political points getting all the bombers to this group. Overnight they repair a huge number of planes.