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Original Thread: Sometimes it feels like the whole world is your enemy (Wild Arms 3)



What's this then?
Wild Arms 3 is a PS2 JRPG released in 2002, and the first of the series to hit that console. Unusually for a RPGvideo game it drops the usual science fantasy world cliches to create something styled after the Old West. There are huge deserts, steam trains, IndiansBaskar, battles on horseback, everyone has gunsARMs and no swords...

Cool! So will we be tracking murderers across the desert, having massive shootouts with armed thugs in oppressed towns, driving cattle while defending against rustlers, chasing off claimjumpers and fording rivers?
Nope, it's a science-fantasy plot wearing an Old West skin. I'm as sad as you are.
Sometimes it feels a bit like Calamity Jane fell into Serial Experiments Lain.

All the same, while I'm going to complain about some stuff this is a game I really like despite its kooky plot. I bought it on special offer not knowing anything about it, and was shocked at how much I enjoyed it. The characters, battle system and graphics were all a little bit different to me, and if there's anything I like in a game it's a feeling of uniqueness. There's also a great soundtrack, and a TON of sidequests.

How much will you be doing?
The entire main plot, plus as many of the sidequests as I can bear.

What about other Wild Arms games?
Never played them. As far as I know this is a stand-alone story, there aren't any spoilers for previous games in this one, Just references. I'd appreciate hearing from people who have played the previous games about these references when they appear.
If you'd like to see a previous game, Haller is running a WA2 LP.

What's with the crappy quality videos?
I made a poor decision when I started this to try and emulate the game. It was a bad idea, introducing graphical errors and slowdown. From update 7 onwards I got smart and switched to recording from a real PS2.
I've updated most of the screenshots from the first 6 updates to better versions, but never had time to update the videos. It's mostly fixed from ep 7 onwards.

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