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Part 77: Mission #73: TCS Concordia, Tesla system

Mission #73: TCS Concordia, Tesla system

Previously on Wing Commander: Destroyed a few enemy troop transports. Angel is a little worried about the fact that we might get killed in battle.

Well, at least we seem to have buried the hatched with Stingray, for the time being. Good thing too, considering that he is still our wingman!

Speaking of which...

It may be old, but I wish we could have shields like his... impenetrable, that is!

Well, this is Wing Commander, so I suppose you can guess what is the probability here.

Time to fly then. I'll just mention something that I haven't really gotten around to yet: as you can see, even the straight through campaign of Wing Commander 2 contains quite a few more missions than WC1 did--there were only 18 missions there (or 21 if you count Rostov) and here we are at number 23 and there are a few more still to go. Even though they are relatively shorter than the later WC1 missions, you were still getting your money's worth as there is more of them. And not to mention, a lot more plot. Well anyway, moving on to the mission at hand:
So we finally ran into Khasra "Redclaw" in person! But first... obviously, escorting Paladin is the usual non-issue due to his ship being plot-important. So you can just deal with the Drakhri, or rather whichever of them you can kill fast enough before Bonnie Heather's defences annihilate them (which is usually not a lot). Not to mention Stingray, probably the most aggressive of all wingmen.

As for the Fralthras, obviously without torpedoes you can't destroy them so you can focus on the Jalkehi, one of which is flown by Khasra. I though it was quite funny how the Jalkehi appeared to be flying in circles between the two carriers! Khasra himself, as you can see, is not anything special as a pilot (but is of course additionally hampered by the slowness of Jalthi), so the emperor was probably right not to have too much confidence in him in that last video. In the end all we are left is "You cannot defeat theAAAAAAAAAAARGH."

Stingray is getting to be kind of annoying with his aggressiveness--in this mission he will generally very quickly go for Khasra (and be able to destroy his ship as Jalkehi is not really a match for a Rapier), so if you want to do it yourself, you need to be quick.

Between Paladin and Stingray not a whole lot was left for us this time...

Current kill total: 73 missions/641 kills

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