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Part 78: Mission #74: TCS Concordia, Tesla system

Mission #74: TCS Concordia, Tesla system

Previously on Wing Commander: We said goodbye to Paladin for now; Khasra "Redclaw" tried to kill us in battle--needless to say, he failed. Stingray did not eject.

Probably the best way of dealing with Jazz nonsense.

I thought Goddard was actually worse...

Nevertheless, let's fly.

So these two still fly together? Funny.

(There are way too many typos in subtitles in WC1/2 by the way. Especially with foreign languages.)

Situation normal, then.

Then you'll escort the TCS William Tell as she goes after the flagship of the strike fleet, a Ralatha. After destroying the Ralatha, return immediately to this position for the out-system jump. Pilots, I do not need to tell you that we are in great danger. All other wings stay close to ward off any attack. Fly well, and be prepared for the out-system jump.

So in a nutshell... defend Concordia from attack and then escort the William Tell to destroy a Ralatha-class destroyer. Should be able to handle it.
Interesting that for once Concordia is being attacked by enemy fighters that are actually capable of destroying it--in theory, that is. However, as I've pointed out in the video, logistics of actually firing a torpedo are too complicated for them to be able to accomplish it properly while being shot at by the opposing side fighters, therefore the actual probability of them being able to do it is more or less zero. It's interesting that you actually get two enemy Grikaths more or less handed to you for free at the beginning.

As for the other bit, the four Jalkehis are probably not too much of a bother, but take time if you can to watch the two capital ships firing off anti-matter cannon shots at each other (mind not to get hit by any, though!). A word of warning on this one: if you are done with the Jalkehis with the Ralatha still alive (it can happen if you are quick), don't leave until William Tell is done destroying it as the mission will otherwise fail. On the other hand, missing this Ralatha will not put you on the losing path, so... it's more for your ego than anything else.

And this is all for the Tesla system. Next time we'll be moving deeper towards Kilrathi territory, into Enigma system. We get a new wingperson--Angel, of all people; and a old/new ship that you may not be too happy about (hint: it's Broadsword).

Current kill total: 74 missions/647 kills

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