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Part 92: Special Update: Mission #0401

Well, the name looks correct at least...

...but the date of birth is at least a few centuries early. I guess that's us on the photo there in the corner?

Ok, where and when has been established...

Let's check out the guy on the left. We'll talk to the official looking fellow in the middle later.

Hm, why what did we do? Also he looks strange.

That's the guy sitting at the desk.

Yep... that's us, looks just like that photograph.

He is pretty funny though.

You know what, let's go check out the common room. Maybe we can meet more people.

Hey, so that's our plane right there. Doesn't look very sturdy, does it? Well anyway, it's called Sopwith Pup, and here's a picture of a real one:

As for weapons, it has that front mounted machine gun... and that's it. It is powered by a 80HP rotary engine and for those of you who don't know already, I'll mention that the gun actually fires "through" the propeller, i.e. they are both mechanically synchronised so that the gun fires between the blades when the propeller is turning. This was considered a pretty big technical advancement at the time, although it has an unfortunate consequence that the rate of fire is tied to the speed of engine rotation as they have to stay in sync lest our gun destroy the propeller! Unfortunately we have no neutron guns or anything like that.

But let's see how it flies.
Well, it's not that easy to control, that's for sure but we managed somehow. I guess, trick is to master the use of rudder although the controls are a bit awkward and seem to require about 3 hands to manage properly, at least in this version. But anyway, it was fun, even if most of it seemed to be happening above a muddy field (which may not be that far off from reality either).

In any case, let's see what awaits us after landing.

All right, enough of that nonsense, let's head back inside.

Actually, what IS going on here?