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Part 134: Episode CXXXI: What’s on Fei’s Mind?

Episode CXXXI: What’s on Fei’s Mind?

Music: The One Who is Torn Apart

“A world filled with hatred and sadness. That's all that's here... Yes... Now I understand, Id. Why you hate the world. Why there is nothing inside you... Nothing... Nothing was given to you... Deprived of... all the happy memories...”
“And yet... It feels pleasant... It almost feels good... Now I get it...! There's no need to resist. I was originally just an existence that was created as a cover to hide Id. So it would be better to return to that place...”
“Let's come together... To wipe away everything... Including ourselves...”

“Elly? That's right...! Elly...! I've got to save Elly!”
”Crap... Forgot all about her. Alright. Let’s see if we can go fix my mind. Or at least punch something back into working order...”

Music: Silence

Fei appears in the projector screen room from an earlier dream with the movie of young Fei playing ball with his mom...

“...What's he done now!? He only called you in here for his own sake...”

Kid Id wanders out of the void looking rather annoyed...

“I'm sure you've been here many times before.”
*looks at screen* “I see... I remember now... In my dreams...”
”Ugh... D-Block flashbacks. Bad memories...”
“Everything despised and unwanted he pushed onto me, while he shut himself up in his own little shell... the 'coward' Fei. The basis for our personalities.”

The Coward sits up and notices Fei and Id jabbering behind him...

“Hey... let's watch this together! This is my most treasured possession...”
“Hah...! By repeatedly replaying the times he was full of happiness, he lives in his own happy little world. While I'm still alive only because of what's in those left over dregs.”
”Uhh... Sounds like a raw deal... I guess...? I could probably understand a bit better if I...ya know...remembered anything before Lahan.”
“Tch... Fine! Alright, I’ll play show and tell too.”

“Here! I'll show you... 'everything' about me.”

Please turn off all cell phones and electronic devices before the film begins. Thank you.

Music: The One Who is Torn Apart

”Remember to practice your kung fu three times a day, Fei, or no Bruce Lee movies after supper...”

”I love and care about you, Fei. Also we’ll play ball some time...”
“Up till then, it was complete happiness. But one day...”

“Mother suddenly changed. She was like a totally different person. From that day on... 'Fei' lost his home.”

“He had some important work.”
”I hope Chuthulhu didn’t miss me too much while I was gone...”

“Inside there were many strangely dressed people.”
”Creepy ass Dark Jedi looking guys only qualify as ‘strangely dressed’?”
“Look, I’m mentally like vocab isn’t the most expansive. Can I continue...?”
“Err...yeah. Sorry.”

”...What kinda ‘probes’ are we talking here....?”
“If something could be probed, it WAS probed...”
“...Didn’t need to know that.”

“The tests caused Fei much pain.”

“Mom, help me!”

“What are you doing!?”

“No! Nooo!”

“Young 'Fei' had no way of resisting. But he was able to endure. Eventually, the experiments became unbearable.”

“These people had a high compatibility with the Anima Relics. This psychic contact with Fei was to force him to awaken.”

The test subjects fade out one by one...

“The power drawn out of 'Fei', regardless of his will, destroyed them all.”
“This is unbelievable! Mother allowed this to take place...? Psychic contact? What do you mean by 'awaken' me?”
“To awaken god, everything had to be in perfect order, with nothing lacking... Things divided in the past must become one complete whole again...”

“Men, women, the old, the young, even demi-humans... Suffering, grief, fear, ecstasy... A variety of emotions and words lingered... And tumbled about Fei like broken dolls...”

The test subjects fade out one by one again...

”How has everything been while I was away?”
“Oh, just fine dear. How was your trip?”
“Oh, same old same old Shevat.”
“Dad, mom’s been doing horrible experiments on me every time you’re gone!”
“Hehe. Fei, you’ve been watching too many of those Star Wars. Boys and their imaginations.”
“Heh. Kids...”

“When Fei tried to tell father about mother's strange conduct and the experiments, father's mind was taken up by his work and he didn't really listen. He thought it was just childhood fantasies.”

Kid Id appears behind little Fei...

“He removed himself from out of harm's way. My role was to have all the things he hated forced upon me, the moment they arose.”

“That hatred naturally turned into destructive impulses. I wanted to destroy everything. Mother, father, the entire world...”

“I had completely separated from that coward... my original self.”
”So honey, what’s for dinner?”
“Sacrifices for the awakening of our slumbering god! Err...I mean pork roast...”
*strokes mustache* “Heeeeeeey! You know I’m on a no-pork diet!”

“The puppets were broken... and...'Fei's heart was too...”

“Mother repeated the experiments to study the power she knew existed within me. Yes, that woman... mother, was Miang.”
“That's a lie!”
”Ramsus’ secretary was Miang... And now err...I guess Elly is... But my mom too? I’m calling shenanigans!”
“No, it's true.”

"What is that you say?"
”Eh? That Miang chick was Fei’s mom? She looked pretty good for someone her age.”
“I don’t think he means the same Miang as Ramsus’ assistant.”
“...How does that work? How many Miangs are there?”
“Did you not pay attention to anything the Miang possessed Elly said?”
“Dude, there was a lot going on then... I mean our Omnigears stopped working and Ramsus killed a bunch of people and the crazy mummy dome eye monster thing and Elly grabbed one of your guns and shot Fei...”
“Oh yeah... I forgot all about that. Gonna have to pay you back for that later, William.”
“...Great. Just great. Thanks a lot, Bart!”

"It's nothing special. Miang does not have only one host body. Miang's roots are sealed in the genes of all women. Any one of them could become Miang."

“Only Elly was 'special' originally!!"
”Right then, where was I? Ah yeah, killin’ pops. Yaah!”

Khan’s Gear and Weltall-Id have a bit of a scuffle. Zohar got really good seats for this brawl.

“She then became convinced that Fei was the 'Contact'!"

“And why the time had come...”
”So can they hear us talking out there or are we just talking to ourselves aloud or what’s going on with that?”
“Not really sure, to be honest. More correctly, I don’t particularly give a crap.”
*shrug* “Fair enough.”

“Dad! Dad!”
*pulls on Karen* “Mom! Help dad! Hey, mom! Why aren't you helping dad? Dad... Dad's gonna die!”

“To return to his own body. You understand now, don't you...? Grahf is... Lacan.”
”Yeah, I kinda gathered that much.”

“Divided 500 years ago... He would become a part of us both... Lacan became Grahf. He destroyed everything on the face of the earth. He then mastered how to possess the bodies of others by dwelling in their minds. He was probably enabled to do this after his contact with the 'Existence'. The bodies died but Lacan's spirit continued living by possessing others. He had come that day to return his soul, at last, to the perfect reincarnation of his physical body... The body of 'Fei'.”

“But he couldn't protect mother or I. He pitifully fought on while coughing up his life blood. Grahf made a mockery of father, and mother would not even help him when he needed her the most. As for their son... 'He' couldn't take what was happening anymore...”

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Little Fei is over his mom being a creepy asshole, his dad getting his ass handed to him, and Grahf undoubtedly yelling about POWER for ten minutes straight and unleashes a giant burst of Ether energy.

“While I am usually a fan of an amazing display of power...I am guessing that is probably not good...”


“And 'he', off-loaded the results of his actions onto me. To avoid taking the responsibility for killing mother, he used me as a shield.”

“And he shut himself away with those memories inside his own little shell... forever. This is the place. What you see before you, is what he made. He just keeps hanging on to those memories.”
“That's what this is...”
*looks at both screens and shakes head* “Stop it! Just stop it! This... These scenes... Are these all there is to us?”
“Enough already! There is nothing here! Just a world filled with deception and pain...”

"You know, it ain't so bad being stuck in my mind like this. Kinda warm and fuzzy. I guess I could just retire and help destroy everything."
"Hey, remember you were going to go save Elly or something."
"Oh shit... Forgot about that. Yeah, getting laid again sounds better than being stuck in a mental broom closet. Let's see if I can't repair my head..."

Fei wanders off to a projector screen of his younger self playing ball with his mom...

"Hey! What are you doing back here? Tch. Did that Coward dick let you in here? This fucking guy. He just sits in here watching home videos of when Mom and Dad were cool and I had to take the drivers seat whenever things got shitty. Which was like ALL the friggin' time."
"How shitty we talking?"
"SHITTY! Here, I'll show ya. Lemme just talk to the projector operator..."


"So our family life when we were real little was great. Dad did kung fu and had a great mustache. Mom was nice and made cookies. Good times. But then one day mom turned into a fucking uber-bitch!"
"Dad went away to go on kung fu adventures all the time. And when she did mom would take me to this freaky Umbrella Laboratory facility and have them probe me and brought people to psychic link with me, but I'd just make their heads explode, and all sorts of fucked up shit."
"When dad would come home mom would go back to acting like normal. I'd try to tell him that she stuck a three foot rod up my ass earlier that week but he'd just laugh and think I had an overactive imagination. Yeah fuck you too, dad!"

"Eventually it became too much for 'Fei' to bare, so his mind split in two. One half, the coward, got to go chill out in our mental closet watching home videos of good times in our childhood. Meanwhile, I got to be conscious while mom had needles stuck in our eyes and shots stuck in every vein on our body. It kinda sucked ass. Kinda made me start hating things. Kinda made me wanna murder mom, dad, and everything that looked at me funny. Kinda still does..."

"Anyway, one day dad finally figured out something was up with mom but by that time we were already pretty looney tunes in the head. Oh yeah, mom was Miang if you haven't been following along."
"Wha?! No way!"
"...Really? You hadn't picked up on that? Tch. I guess we didn't allocate many intelligence points to your persona."

Back outside Fei's mind...

"Yes, my wife was Miang. It just kinda happens some times to random women. Eh. What are you gonna do? Miang noticed Fei's memory was all screwy with past lives and she became convinced he was the Contact."
"Yeah. I'm the Contact. I'll explain that later..."

"Anyway, Grahf showed up and beat the shit out of dad. Mom watched and did nothing like the mega-bitch she'd become. In case you didn't know, Grahf has lived so long because his mind possesses new bodies. He came to possess us so he could become a perfect reincarnation of the Contact or something. Power!"
"But Fei was totally over this shit at that point and used my hidden powers to blow Grahf up. Also, we accidentally killed mom. Whoops. Well, that little bitch the Coward did most of the work. I just got to watch the aftermath."
"Man I am so sick of this blame game crap. Is this the only thing that's going on in our head?"
"Yup. Pretty much."

Fei’s Power

Karen Wong Portrait – Miang? More like “meh”.