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Part 90: Episode LXXXVII: Shakhan Gets All the Power

Episode LXXXVII: Shakhan Gets All the Power

Music: Leftover Dreams of the Strong

"What do you mean, once in awhile?"
“...I didn’t say ‘once in a while’. You sure you didn't bang your head too?”
"Don't get so excited. Ha ha ha ha!"

A pirate wanders in and briefly speaks with Sigurd off to the side...

“Things are unfolding smoothly. They have entered the castle. They are investigating Shakhan's private room on the top floor of the castle. One more thing, Yggdrasil is on station nearby and has picked up several Gears on radar."
"Most certainly. But those Gears went to the capital then turned and came back toward us."
"He saw things weren't looking too good and ran away."
"Yeah. But it sounds like he's coming back here."
"What's here...?"
”My foot waiting for his ass.”
"About that, the info from the capital... Isn't there a -Gate- in the area?"
"A -Gate-?"
"Directly west of Nisan. Young master, do you know the big cave over there?"
"Cave... On the western continent? It's near the ocean. If I remember, it's big enough for a Gear to walk into."
"Yes, there. They found evidence that there is some large building inside that cave."
”One of those Gate thin—“
“You mean –Gate-.“
“I’m not saying it with the stupid hyphens! Anyway, one of those was in the gigantic cave just west of here? That a really lazy place to hide it...”
“Look, the guys from Final Fantasy VIII keep coming over and stealing money out of our desk drawers when nobody is looking. It will have to do.”

"Shakhan is heading for there... What's he doing?"
"I guess we'll have to go and see!"
”Boss battle?”
“Definitely a boss battle.”

"I'll wait here for info from the capital."

“Of course I would like to actually see it... but this time I will pass. There are two more left... And besides... Just in case things do not go well, it might be better if we stay here and protect Marguerite."

And so another tally is marked on the great wall of Citan Uzuki douchebaggery and slacking.

Fei and Bart are mandatory for the big showdown with Shakhan. But, it doesn’t matter who we take as a third wheel. Billy was alright for the last dungeon. But his Gear kind of sucks and we want the best of the best for this next fight. Which means Seibzehn is tagging in for this round.

Anyhow, the Ignas Gate Cave is just a few miles outside Nisan. If you look back beyond it, you can see Fort Jasper hanging out above a forest. I guess the Tool Guy is now in charge of it or something.

Music: Steel Giant

”What ‘last time’ are you talking about?”
“Look, I’m just reading the script. I’ve never been to this place in my life. I didn’t even know it existed until ten minutes ago. Gimme a break...”

Not-Catholics immediately attack. They die very quickly. But not before chipping away 1500 or so HP from a couple Gears like jerks.

After the battle...

"Maybe they're trying to bait us."
”No duh, you two.”
"Regardless, we gotta go on! It's going to be an eternal embarrassment if we let 'em get away!"

Despite Shakhan having had at least a half dozen Neo Etone Gears in his entourage, apparently they all converted to another faith or deserted as those two jerks are the only folks between us and the Gate... Excuse me, -Gate-. Before entering it may be a good idea to throw a few Gear accessories that defend against Fire or Seal attacks. Just a thought.

Plot Device #1 of 3 – LOCATED!

“Not only was he sitting on the Aveh throne, he also controlled this."
”What does it do?”
“I’ve got no idea. But it still pisses me off!”


Shakhan’s Gear drops from the ceiling. Apparently he was just chilling out up there waiting to make a dramatic entrance...

Music: Knight of Fire

"The gate which divided Solaris from the earth was under the supervision of...the 'Ethos'."
”...We know.”
"In the beginning, it was supervised without any true knowledge of what it did. However, over the years, the 'Ethos' did their own experiments to reveal its true nature."
”We know! Solaris got pissed the Ethos were doing that kinda crap and killed most of you. Stop talking about stuff from the last act. Nobody cares!”
"They learned how to use it. For the sake of freeing ourselves from Solaris, we discovered a new way of using it!"

A giant plug shoots out of Shakhan’s Gear’s ass and into the Gate. Yes, his masterstroke was sticking a plug into a power outlet.

"He probably entered through this cavern! He just wanted the energy from the gate generator!"
”So what is he going to do with that energy?”
“Well...he’s gonna like power-up or something!”
“Yeah, I’m not really following this plan either. That cord has a shorter reach than a Gamecube controller.”

Shakhan’s Gear crackles with power for a bit before...fizzling out from a blown fuse or something. This is a really dumb plan.

“This is ridiculous!? This thing should be able to pull an adequate amount of energy from the gate! There shouldn't have been any problems in the design! Why?!”
*jiggles the cord* “Damnable thing! Come on!”
“Why doesn't it move?”
"What, did you mess up? If my father knew I was set up by a jerk like this, he'd turn in his grave."
"I didn't need this anyway! I'll take you myself!"
*make jerking off motion with Gears*


"How'd he get in here!?"
”Umm...who is this guy?”
“A dick. Go away, Grahf! Your dumb flowery speech power-ups never work!”

Music: Grahf: Emperor of Darkness

"Power? What kind of power!? I have the power of the gate! As long as I get this machine to move!!"
*pulls out cord and blows on the outlet*
"Your powers are merely superficial. The tools in which you produced with your immature intellect... Now, do you think you can win?"

"The meager efforts of you land dwellers are insignificant next to the true and only power."

Music: Knight of Fire

Alright, time to take on Shakhan’s Gear. No, it doesn’t have any fancy, and likely poorly translated, title. It’s just a big ol’ generic “Shakhan’s Gear”. People seem to have trouble with this jerk but...yeah, I’m not seeing it.

At the beginning of the battle, Shakhan plugs back into the Gate. This will restore his health for 1000 HP ‘round every two turns our Booster equipped party takes. But it does have a drawback.

Shakhan is one of those jerkish bosses that counter-attacks every time someone smacks him around. But...

...While plugged into the Gate, his sad little extension cord cannot reach any of our party’s Gears. So he’ll just go to lunge and get yanked back by his plug. So we’re pretty much free to just wail the shit out of him early on. Seibzehn is doing 1100+ HP per Strong attack and Andvari is doing around 800 (Weltall totally sucks for this battle and is lucky to do over 100.) With Booster on, we can almost certainly get Andvari and Seibzehn up to Attack Level 3 Deathblows for a good 5000+ damage a piece.

Eventually, Shakhan will get his shit together and realize that a meager healing spell, while having no other offensive abilities, isn’t really doing him any favors and will unplug from the Gate to start attacking. Off the bat he’ll likely use Ignas Storm, which hits the whole party for 3000-4000 HP of damage (1000ish if a Fire Ether defense accessory is equipped.)

On top of that, Shakhan can use a Seal Punch for around 1500+ damage. It also has a few physical attacks that do around 1000 damage a pop. But a quick Wild Smile can neuter that nonsense.

18,000 HP of damage later and down goes Shakhan. Man, Grahf’s POWER upgrade has been a complete death sentence thus far for mid-boss level goons.

After the battle...

“12 years ago, if you weren't so hungry for power, Margie would still have her family...and wouldn't have had to live out in the desert!"
”The girl lives in one of the lushest nations on the continent . You’re talking about yourself!”
“Yeah well... Fuck you!”

"What would you know, you throne born brat!?"

“A king's gotta carry the heaviest responsibilities of all! It's a tough racket! Something you'd never understand, punk!!"

Shakhan’s Gear doesn’t actually explode. Apparently, it was a load bearing boss as the whole structure starts bursting into flames and falling apart. Shakhan just burns to death inside his metal coffin. Shame.

"It's coming down. We must escape!!"

”Run away! RUN AWAY! I’ve had enough crap fall on my head for a lifetime!”

Well, that’s certain to make the SOL-9000 crew cranky when they wake up in the morning. Oh yeah, and I guess we liberated Aveh like we set out to do 30 hours ago. That’s nice. I hope there's a kicking after party in Bledavik.

Shakhan’s Gear Concept Art