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Yu-Gi-Oh: The Sacred Cards

by Missile Waster

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Original Thread: Trust the Heart of the Cards. Let's play Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards! (SSLP)



Released on November 4th 2003, this game is awful. For those of you who have played Dark Duel Stories, you should remember the retarded ass element system, well it's back and as bad as ever. The game follows the storyline of Battle City from the anime, and for some reason they decided to make you play as a new character just for this game, even though the game would have worked fine, if not better, by just having you play as Yugi, but whatever.

There are other reasons this game is terrible, but I'll get to those as I go. For now, let's begin!

Part 1: Story begins, first duel

Title screen, nothing to see here really.

Yugi and Joey decide to bust into my room uninvited. How rude of them <>

It took me all night, but it's the best ever. PersonMN, did you put together a good deck?

Of course not, the deck you start with sucks balls.

Huh? Are you kidding me? Better get it together.

Hey fuck you buddy <>

There's still time. Make it stronger as you battle.

Okay, let's get going. Don't want to be late.

So yeah, now we get control of our character. Move with the D-Pad, hold B to bolt around like the fucking Flash or something.

Also, of note is this:

The only place in the game to save. It's not really a big deal, but still, put that shit in the start menu or something. Speaking of the start menu!

This is all kinda self explanatory, but just in case here you go:

The status screen. I'll explain "Deck Capacity" and "Duelist Level" in a minute, "Domino" is the currency used, and the "Locator Cards" are kinda like gym badges in Pokemon, getting 6 allows you into the finals.

The trunk. This is where your cards are if they aren't in your deck. Hitting select on this screen changes how they are sorted. Notice that the deck is hard-capped at 40. In the real card game, this is the minimum number of cards you can keep in a deck, but in this game is the absolute limit. You can't tell but we basically don't have shit right now.

The deck. Self explanitory, this is all 40 cards in your deck.


Every card has a cost, and the "Deck Capacity" is the total cost we can have. As you duel more, the capacity goes up so you can use better cards. The best cards have a higher cost (level 4s with good attack can go up to 250!).

Fuck this noise.

Yeah, this is one of the reasons this game is bad. If you don't cheat, you're stuck using shitty cards the entire game.

I put this here to show you the only card I didn't take out of the deck. The starting deck is that bad.

And we're done putting together a deck! It's full of level 4, 2000+ attack monsters, along with some cards I really like (Jinzo and Summoned Skull, two of each) and some supporting Magic/Trap cards that will likely never get used since I'll be keeping my opponents locked down. Also note how close to 9999 my Deck Capacity is. Like I said, the good cards take a shitload of points to use.

Now, there was another thing on the status screen you may have noticed (because I pointed it out) and that is Duel Level. You can't use the good cards with a low duel level, so I used another cheat to raise it to 9999, because again, fuck that noise.

 I kinda goofed up in this screenshot, you can see that the cheat gave me 200 of each Egyptian God. I'll explain this later, but they each have 0 cost, and through regular means you should only be able to get 1 of each. I have 200. The game will let me put 3 of each in my deck (I'm not going to do this until I should legitimately have the cards). 

Well, now that we've built a literally unstoppable deck, let's go duel some bitches!

Hey, look at that. Everyone's here already. Heh, look at all the tough duelists.

This is Seto Kaiba. He's a dick, and he has Obelisk the Tormentor and 3 Blue Eyes White Dragons which he likes fusing into Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon. He organized the whole tournament.

Let me explain the Tournament rules. The Tournament takes place throughout Domino City. Wherever duelists meet in the city...That shall be where the duels take place. Duelists may play using only their own decks. The loser must turn over one rare card to the victor. Eight winning duelists will enter the final round. The final stage is hidden somewhere in town. Each of you duelists has received a locator card. You must defeat others and get their locator cards. When you have gathered six locator cards...You will have the map to the final duel stage. You may duel with those puzzle cards at stake. In other words, only those who win duels...And obtain the six locator cards will earn the right to get up on stage for the finals. The Tournament commences at nine a.m. sharp. Now fellow duelists...Scatter throughout Battle City!

That was long winded. After the speech, Kaiba leaves.

Things to note, only certain duels will net you Locator cards, and you must get 5 (you already have one, remember?) to get to the finals. Also, before duels, you Ante up a card which you lose if you lose the duel, but if you win you get a card from your opponent. Ante up high level rare cards to get something better out of it.


Yeah, you bet. Even us, we're rivals from now on. Try to hang in to the end, Yugi and PersonMN.


Buck up and get it together.

Yeah, let's go for it, PersonMN. Once you've collected all the cards, let's meet up. We should get together at my Grandpa's toy shop.

Yeah, okay, we'll do that. All right, I'm off. Both of you, don't lose until the finals. See you!

At this point, you have no indication of what the fuck you're supposed to do. After bumbling around for like 5 minutes, I found out you have to challenge the "named" duelists to a battle, which they will decline before running off.

To challenge a duelist to a battle, you hit the R button.

After challenging everyone, you go to the square with the clock, and start to exit. It will then be 9 o'clock.

All of the duelists you challenged come in, spout a one liner about how they'll win () and then run off. Now we can actually duel people!

First things first, I decide to go fight the creepy zombie guy. You'll recognize him as having fought in Duelist Kingdom against...Yugi or Joey, I don't remember. He doesn't actually appear in Battle City in the anime, but hey whatever. I was wrong, as someone in the thread pointed out, he actually duels - and gets his ass handed to him by - Bakura.

BUT WAIT he doesn't appear, because you have to fight his lackey outside first for some reason? For the purposes of this LP, I'll be skipping that fight, but just know that I fought him and kicked his ass hard.

He's up in the cemetary. He says some shit about how I look weak and then

Uhh, yeah, that's the whole reason I'm fighting you. He says this because those random no-name guys don't duel for Locator Cards, only Antes, so it's good to know that you're actually playing an important battle.

You just pick a card and ante up, I'll basically be using Blue Eyes every time since it counts as rare enough to get the "best" () card the opponent has.

Aww, he thinks he has a good card

I swiftly crush all of his hopes and dreams that he'll ever win.

Then it becomes a bunch of this. The opponents this early don't have anything that can counter 2000 attack points (because you aren't meant to be using a card this good this early).

I then attack his lifepoints directly (I took the screenshot as soon as the counter appeared, his lifepoints are lower than that).

My next turn, I summon my favorite card, Jinzo! It's level 6, so I have to sacrifice one card for it, so I sacrifice Dark Elf. This game is very shitty in that regard, instead of selecting Jinzo and then the card I want to sacrifice for it like in every other Yu-Gi-Oh game (except DDS, which doesn't count because that game sucks) I have to select Dark Elf, select Sacrifice, and then summon Jinzo.

Jinzo's effect, as well as most effects on monsters, works a bit differently in this game. First off, I don't think there's any "flip effects" like in the normal TCG and all of the other games (flip a monster from face down to face up to activate an effect), and I don't think there's any persistent effects (in the TCG and every other video game, just having a Jinzo on the field makes it so trap cards are useless which is fucking awesome). In this game, you select the monster as if you are going to sacrifice it, attack with it, or switch it to defense mode, but instead you choose the "Effect" option. Jinzo's destroys the trap cards on your opponent's side of the field. So it's kinda similar in a way to what Jinzo's real effect is, but it's still different.
EDIT: Actually, you can only use monster effects on the turn they are summoned. Yeah.

A quick aside for tribute summons, level 4 and under do not require a tribute unless the card says otherwise (which it won't in this game), level 5 and 6 require one tribute, level 7 and 8 require two, more than that requires three.  Level 9+ is basically reserved for the Gods and some other fuckoff strong cards. You saw F.G.D. in an earlier screenshot. I will not be using it. 

For some stupid reason I had The Earl of Demise in the deck. Level 5 2000 attack, it's worthless to me since I have so many level 4 2000+ attack monsters in the deck. I summoned it by using "Brain Control" on my opponents monster to take control of it, then tribute it to summon The Earl of Demise. After this duel I took it out of the deck and replaced it with another level 4 2000 attacker.

Oh boy what a surprise.


It tells you that your deck capacity increases and you get money, followed by the card you get from the ante. Pumpking the King of Ghosts is good in a zombie deck if I remember correctly, but still totally shit otherwise.

Now we have 2, only a matter of time before we hit 6!

I'm going to go ahead and stop this update here, next time we'll duel some more dumbasses or something.

My update schedule will be kinda erratic, as I have school and work to deal with throughout the week (and a huge test this week I need to study for ), but I'd like to try and get two updates done per week if possible. From now on I may try to squeeze in two duels per update unless there's a bunch of retarded story padding that makes the update run long (or I'll just cut the duels down even further, since it's all pretty much the same shit anyway).

please be gentle this is my first screenshot lp

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