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007: Blood Stone

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Part 5: Episode 2-2




Our operative in Istanbul, Bernin was an efficient and intelligent man, capable of extracting information in a reliable manner. When Stefan Pomerov recruited him to obtain bio-weapons secrets from a British scientist, his operation was exposed and he was terminated by MI6 agent, James Bond.


Statue of the Industrialist

This statue is said to represent the three prime attributes of a successful industrialist; inspiration, dedication and discipline. It was commissioned by Stefan Pomerov to mark the completed refurbishment of his Siberian refinery and created by renowned sculptor Dmitri Betrova.


History of the Refinery

A detailed model of the newly refurbished refinery, owned by Russian billionaire Stefan Pomerov. Although Pomerov's story has been portrayed in the media as a triumph of Siberian industry, rumors have surfaced of underhanded deals and bribery behind the scenes; specifically, permissions being illegally granted to fly cargo through environmentally protected waterways.



The AK-74 is a benchmark assault rifle, useful in almost any combat situation. It has been designed without compromise, resulting in superb accuracy across all ranges. A large ammo clip ensures its effectiveness against multiple hostiles.