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Original Thread: Quite Literally Playing God - Let's Play Actraiser!



Hello everyone, and welcome to a short Let's Play of:

For those not familiar with this game, Actraiser is a combination side scrolling fighter/god simulation released by Enix in 1990-91. This is a bit of a nostalgia trip as I actually owned a physical copy of this game and played through it a number of times. This LP will be a mix of videos for the action scenes and screenshots for the town building, with music anywhere I can fit it in since this game has an amazing soundtrack. I'll try to put in some thread participation where possible, but I'm afraid that there aren't very many places where the game allows for freedom of movement.

I'm amazed that I picked it up considering the North American box art, but overall this is broadly honest of what's going to be happening in the game.

In Japan, they got this decidedly more metal looking cover full of monsters and scenes from the game, including at least three bosses that I can spot.

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