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Original Thread: Wearing All White Suits After Labor Day. Let's Play AW:DS



Welcome to the friendliest war simulator there ever was. For those of you not familiar with the Advanced Wars games before Days of Ruin let me sum up the story for you. You see, there's this world called Wars World where four nations, Orange Star, Blue Moon, Green Earth, and Yellow Comet, constantly duke it out over the region known as Macro Land. But it's okay, for war is taken about as serious as a volleyball game! But there's a new player in town, the mysterious invasion force of Black Hole which thinks war should be serious and about domination and does their best to rule the world. In the first game they tried to play the nations off on each other, then they invaded openly in the second game, but the nations realized they should put their distrust aside and defeated Black Hole using the powers of friendship each game. Now, for the third installment the four nations have banded together in a coalition known as the "Allied Nations" to specifically fight Black Hole. The Black Hole army has recovered surprisingly fast after being routed and has started an invasion of neighboring Omega Land. Upon hearing this, the Allied Nations springs into action and leads a hasty counter-offensive.

Got all that? Good, now please remember to not use your brain when thinking about this game. Advanced Wars, pre Days of Ruin at least, is a happy-go-lucky war game and trying to apply logic to it is like trying to apply logic to an acid trip.

Anyways, with that all over, I'll let my co-LPers introduce themselves:

And I'm Artix, who you probably know better as that asshole playing like 5 Fire Emblem games at once. Also, I've never played an Advance Wars game, so for once Alkydere can actually be the competent one.

Lastly, I'm ZeeToo, who you won't remember from anywhere, and I'll be tagging along as support and fact-checking. It's a pretty swell position: I get to critique all of Alkydere's tactical errors, and if I make any in turn, I get to claim that it's simply because it's been a while since I played... and I don't even have to prove I can do better!

Since Artix has never played an Advanced Wars title before, he will most likely be our comic relief, watching and stammering in incredulity as he learns about the madness of Wars World. Meanwhile, after my last fiasco, I've learned not to count myself as knowledgeable about any game, so ZeeToo gets to tell me how and were I was wrong. As a request, I'd ask that people please don't spoil things in this thread. It's not that the plot's amazing, but that we really need Artix74 to see every wonderful moment of madness and stupidity first hand.

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