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Part 19: Chapter Eighteen

Roar posted:

I'm 1315 miles away from my computer right now so stupid people saying stupid things will be delayed until Tuesday or Wednesday. Sorry for the inconvenience!!!!

SURPRISE! We're doing it now!

Update Eighteen

Following Fistgrrl and Pipebomb's tender moment, OMGWTFBBQ tells Rope Kid that he's ready to set sail.

Pirate: You driving is ass, hand me the keys, you fairy godmother!
Rope Kid: There's some kegs below deck. Why don't you go drink yourselves stupid?

Doesn't seem like a bad idea to me.

Hours later...

Rope Kid: Woooooo! Are you as drunk as I am?
Rope Kid: 'Course it's all subject...subject...something.
OMGWTFBBQ: Funny, isn't is boring, but BEER ping-pong is a blast!
Rope Kid: That's absolutely hilarious!
OMGWTFBBQ: I wonder why Fistgrrl didn't join us in our drunken revelry?
Rope Kid: Who wouldn't enoy chugging three bottles of beer at the same time?

Rope Kid: G'aah!
OMGWTFBBQ: Pipebomb said they were lures for the furries, but I threw them overboard. They gave me the creeps.
Rope Kid: ...I have to go drink again to forget I had this conversation.

I'm not entirely sure what they're going on about. I think Rope Kid reacted to something near the top of the ship.

OMGWTFBBQ: It's a wonderfully vicious cycle!

A door opens off-screen.

OMGWTFBBQ: Aha! It's the murderer!

OMGWTFBBQ: I...I can't feel my legs!
Isnoop: Maybe I could swim to shore...
OMGWTFBBQ: 'ey, watcha up to?
Isnoop: I'm not going anywhere! I swear!

OMG turns to leave.

Isnoop: OMGWTFBBQ!! Chug one for me, will ya?

Pipebomb: Park attendants, please bring the sawdust to the bungee area! CODE 13! CODE 13!

He shouts this when he leans up on the rail to vomit. I have no idea what Code 13 means. The police code for it apparently means Major disaster activation, whatever that means.

Pipebomb: The nice thing about drinking games is even when you lose, you still win! CODE 13! CODE 13!

Well that was dumb.

Rope Kid: When we reach Pervert Island, we'll split into two groups. The "Do all the dirty work" group shall consist of you, Pipebomb, and Isnoop.
Rope Kid: The "Get my mack on" group shall consist of me and Fistgrrl. If you need reinforcements, report at once.
Pipebomb: Tiny gnomes are pounding my skull! On yer feet, Isnoop!
Fistgrrl: Hey...Pipebomb...dammit, I didn't know the condoms came with razorblades! Um...Rope Kid...isn't my type. I mean...

I don't know what the fuck. What I do know, however...


too bad you're never going to use physical attacks.

Oh this is going to be just wonderful, I can tell.

This is the kid with the fire. He says "Dragon Slave!" a couple of times before running away. Not worth mentioning.

Mother: Oh, stop! You look so cute!

OMG waves.

Mother: Cosplayers suck lol!
Daughter: Betrayer of the Light!

Let's talk to this guy I'm sure he has a lot of important things to say.

Whatchu talkin' about Willis?

GeekTheMage: This town's for nerdy otaku's only!
Pipebomb: Like you, you mean?
GeekTheMage: Nononono, I only watch anime a little. I can stop anytime I want!

Found it!

GeekTheMage: Creepy obsessed otaku!

Oh hey, another new face.

Ricequeen: This is the manga you want translated, right?
GeekTheMage: Yaa! Hush!

Ricequeen notices Intercepter (?).

Ricequeen: OMG cute puppy!!!!!
Isnoop: He's magical!
Ricequeen: The world always needs more pictures of cute puppies!
GeekTheMage: What are you waiting for? Use my digital camera.
GeekTheMage: Cute kitten pictures are always good, too.
Ricequeen: SUPAHSTAR! oh oh

Ricequeen leaves with Isnoop's dog.

GeekTheMage: Fo' shiznit!
Isnoop: I'm not sure I should trust a stranger on Pervert Island with my dog.
GeekTheMage: Not many people willingly come to Pervert Island. Have you come to join us at ADTRW?
Pipebomb: (...should we tell him...)
OMGWTFBBQ: (...don't trust...)
Isnoop: (...make something up...)
Pipebomb: We've come looking for furries!
GeekTheMage: Pull the other one, it's got bells on.

Isnoop looks towards the door.

Isnoop: Where's the damn dog?

After that interchange, there's not really a whole lot else to do at ADTR

Um okay

We do, but GeekTheMage comes and bugs us in the middle of the night.

GeekTheMage: Lavender Alert! Lavender Alert!
OMGWTFBBQ: Whoa whoa, where's the fire!
GeekTheMage: At Studio ADTRW! All those manga...
GeekTheMage: Oh, and Ricequeen's there too.

The group shuffles out, except for Isnoop.

Pipebomb: On yer feet, Isnoop!

He stirs but stays put as Pipebomb leaves. Once offscreen, Isnoop hops out of bed.

Isnoop: The night is dark...dark like my blackened soul!

GeekTheMage: My beautiful manga!
GeekTheMage: Ricequeen! Take this, flames!
GeekTheMage: Magic Missile!

GeekTheMage: I'm...I'm attacking the darkness!

He casts it again.

Villager: We are routing the flames, sir!
Censored Vagina: Let's press the attack! Nerd Squad! Assemble!

Magic Missile! Magic Missile! Magic Missile!

GeekTheMage: Well, that was a stupid idea! Who's the genius who thought of that one? Charge!
Pipebomb: Baka!
GeekTheMage: We must defeat these flames in hand-to-hand combat!
All: For Aiur!

There's something that needs to be done before we get this started.

We now have two people with God weapons. This one might actually use his!

Except he's also got some fun commands. X Magic could be very useful, circumstantially.

Anyways blah blah burning house and whatnot. I'd like you to watch this fight, though...not because it's interesting, because it's not, but because I want to show off the NerdGod.

Here's a fight!

It's pretty weird.

Strawberry Boobies Gaiden is not real at all!

I found this while confirming that, though.

The group finds Ricequeen unconcious uptop.


Isnoop saves them all for some reason.

Isnoop: I'll just use my Fire-B-Gone spray and everything will be coo'.


GeekTheMage: Looks like we owe you something for saving Ricequeen's skin.
GeekTheMage: Not a lot, though, since that dog was chewing on him anyway.
Pipebomb: Join our quest in hunting down furries!
GeekTheMage: Have you wondered why cosplayers and furries both produce Yiff Tokens on death?
GeekTheMage: There are major differences, of course, but both furries and cosplayers are, in the scheme of thigs, "wrong."
Pipebomb: But furries are worse, right?
GeekTheMage: The mountains west of her on Pervert Island are a source of pure, natural "wrongness."
GeekTheMage: ADTRW exists here to mine that wrongness, and produce goods such as shitty costumes and pedo hentai.
GeekTheMage: If furries have come to this island, it is likely that they sensed that wrongness and are attracted to it...
GeekTheMage: We cannot allow the furries to tap that resource! Nary a drop would reach us here...
OMGWTFBBQ: So are we going to go after furries now or what?
GeekTheMage: Yes, Ricequeen and I shall accompany you.

Ricequeen: You're not the boss of me!
GeekTheMage: Fine, you suck anyways. So, it'll be you two, me, and Isnoop over there.

Considering he's busy leaving down there stairs, I'd say thats a good guess.

Pipebomb: Yeah, he's kind of a fag anyways.


Isnoop: I'm gother than thou. Hell, my pinky finger is gother than thou.
Pipebomb: Noo! Don't leave me!
Isnoop: It's what I do, and I do it well!

And our party is, once again, deprived of a wonderful character for an indeterminate stretch of time.

Damn you, Isnoop.

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